We Can Make Your Life Easier

iStock_000013742441_MediumAs a property owner you’re very interested in the security of your property and a company that takes care of it and handles the rental transaction and other property management tasks with efficiency.

A high level of ethical and fiduciary responsibility is the only way in which The Property Management Company of Jacksonville operates.

While Jacksonville and state laws regulate certain aspects and procedures in property management, Property Management Company of Jacksonville takes an even more rigid approach to the handling of your money and care of your property.

iStock_000050526018_LargeThere is more to Jacksonville property management than just collecting rent and caring for property condition.

From marketing your property through the tenant selection and interview process, there are a myriad of tasks, all important to the end result. Improper tenant screening can result in lost rent, property damage, and legal costs of eviction. These are not things you want to experience as a Jacksonville real estate rental property owner. We’re here to make sure that you don’t.